Matouk Towels For Comfort And Luxury

Towels are an indispensible household accessory. The use of towels can be traced back to the centuries where the nobles enjoyed the soft and plush touch of the towels to wipe their body after a bath. Towels are found in the bathroom as a body drier after bath, as a wiper of grime, dishes and glassware in the kitchen and as a cushion cover in the living and bedroom. So its uses are multifarious and obviously its make is also different depending on what particular use it is employed to. Towels are not only found in ordinary households, but found to satisfy the customers in the hospital industry. Expensive towels are offered for the use and comfort of customers in luxurious hotels, beauty salons and spas. The beach towel is offered at the beach resorts, but of all the towel brands the most popular for its high quality is Matouk towels.

All About Matouk Towels

Matouk milagro towels are made from high quality Egyptian cotton and zero twist yarns that have a high absorbency power and feels warm, soft and plushy over the skin.

Matouk towels are found in various ranges and made up of various yarns according to its use and the degree of luxury you want to indulge into. But before you buy matouk towels, take a look as to what makes a good towel.

Comfy Matouk Milagro Towels For You

How to Choose?

  • Absorbency: The most important factor for a towel is its absorbency power which in turn depends on the make of the yarn and the total surface area. Towels made from Brazilian or Egyptian cotton is by far the best yarn to be used as it is used in matouk bath towels which make it soft on the skin and quickly absorbs the moisture. Terry is the most absorbent of all fibers and they are sometimes mixed with cotton for a better absorbency of moisture from the skin.


  • Quality of the material: Quality of the material is of prime importance when you are buying a luxury towel for your face and body. As has been earlier cited the towels made from Egyptian and Brazilian cotton are of the best quality. Recently, long fibred high quality cotton is produced in the United States.


Lighthouse Matouk Bath Towels

  • Weight of the towel: The weight of the towel is measured in GSM or Gram per Square meter and light weight towels are of low quality as they are not made from enough material while manufacturing them. Any towel above the weight of 550 GSM is considered to be of high quality.


  • Test it yourself: While buying the towels, go to the stores and feel the towel over your skin. If the yarn seems to be standing like grass instead of being damp looking then it is of good quality. Rub it gently over your skin and see whether the towel is soft and fluffy instead of scratchy and canvas like, then take your pick from the wide array of products.


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In conclusion it may be said that one should go through the matouk towels review and choose the right matouk towels that are durable, stylish and luxurious at the same time.