Bed Sheets Help To Bring Freshness To The Room

One of the easiest ways to change the bedroom’s decor is by changing bed sheets and curtains in it. It is also an affordable way to bring freshness into such room because these sheets can be washed, reused, and rotated. Painting the room, on the other hand can be time consuming and expensive as well. In contrast, people can periodically change such sheets or buy new bed sheets. Such sheets can even be given as gifts to relatives, friends, and other acquaintances on any festive occasion or as return favors.

Bed Sheets For Different Bed Types and Sizes

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Size of the bed determines the dimensions of bed sheet required to cover it. There are conventional as well as unconventional beds and mattresses. Conventionally, beds are classified as twin, full, queen, and king size. Top surface dimensions of twin bed sheets would therefore be approximately 66 inches by 96 inches. In contrast, a bed sheet for full sized bed would be 81 inches by 96 inches, and that of queen bed sheets would be 90 inches by 102 inches. The top surface dimensions of a king size bed is 108 inches by 102 inches therefore the sheet used to cover it is also larger. Unconventional beds include round, oval, and heart shaped beds. Sheets used to cover such beds are custom made.

Fabrics Used to Make Bed Sheets

Best bed sheets are those that not only look good and last long, but feel smooth and soft to touch, absorb perspiration, and do not crumple easily. Covering the mattress with them should be easy. They should also remain in place once the bed is covered with them. In addition, such sheets should also serve as insulating material preventing loss of body heat. It should also be possible to wash them in washing machines. Your choices for your sheets are:

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  • Egyptian cotton

  • Silk fiber

  • Flannel

  • Italian linen

  • Satin

  • Combed cotton

  • Muslin

  • Pima cotton

  • Percale

Home improvement can be expensive but it is possible to reduce boredom with the same interiors by changing sheets on beds and other linen in the house. Using different things such as matouk towels in the bathroom can strikingly alter the ambience. Similarly, changing sheets helps to make the room look new, without spending much. However, it is necessary to know something about purchasing sheets and selecting the one that is most appropriate for the bed. Just let your imagination go wild and seek opinions from friends and eventually, you will get the perfect blend of colors and designs for your room.